Our Team

We Earn Every Thank You at Ace Parking


In the San Diego area, the Ace Parking team is well known for providing more than a safe place to park your car. Keith Jones and Scott Jones have worked very hard to assure every person is attended to as well. It is their philosophy to park cars, but take care of the people. This is why they have made it their motto of “Every Thank You Earned” they receive.

Customer retention is one of the highest priorities for the entire team at Ace Parking. By maintaining the highest standards for parking facilities in and around the San Diego area, the team has seen a lot of expansion. Dedication to the customers as well as best in class customer service is one trait in which Ace Parking is always pursuing when choosing staff members. Expertise in execution and management are also a trait which Ace Parking holds very dear and every member of the team from a lot supervisor to the CEO himself display these properties.

All the dedication to excellence in the parking industry makes it easy to see why Ace Parking is the leader in the West Coast for parking companies. With a 60 year tradition, the team will continue to expand and hire more exemplary employees to the team.