Be an Expert at the San Diego Wine and Food Festival

San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is going on until Nov. 24th this month. Tickets are still on sale for many of the grand events, and the last thing you want to do is miss this exciting, educational, and delicious extravaganza! There are a few tools, though, that many do not know about tasting food and getting the most out of your edible experience – and in honor of the San Diego Bay Wine and Fo0d Festival, let’s take a look at how to taste and appreciate three of the most common sights you will see at this festival!

– How to: Taste Wine :

Appreciating wine can be explained vividly in four steps: look, swirl, smell, and taste. We are simply going to just look at how to taste your wine. To begin, take small sips of your wine as if you’re drinking from a straw – this is going to help circulate air through the wine and allow your taste buds to savor the multiple layers of flavor that wine has to offer. I was always told to also breathe in through your mouth and out your nose.

– How to: Taste Cheese  :

Like with wine, there are certain ways to appreciate your cheese. Cheese is a food that shouldn’t be eaten fast – in fact, some of the best flavors of an exceptional cheese will come sometimes as long as 30 seconds after your first taste. When distinguishing between a good cheese and a great cheese, you must breathe in, chew the cheese slowly, and breathe out through your nose. A quick note to know as well, just because a cheese smells ‘stinky’ does NOT mean that it is actually spoiled!

– How to: Taste Chocolate :

One of the biggest hints in tasting chocolate is going to be to have a glass of water near you the whole time – believe it or not, each different chocolate has a different flavor. Begin by taking a small bite, and allow the chocolate to melt in your mouth on your tongue. Once it has melted, move your tongue back to the roof of your mouth. This is going to allow the natural flavors to roll on your tongue and leave a velvet, lush after taste.

These are simply a few tools to get the best out of your experience of  three artistic and delectable foods/beverages and the best out of your experience if you attend the San Diego Wine and Food Festival. Check out the San Diego Wine and Food Festival, and get your tickets while they last at

Parking for this exciting event is hosted by ‘Ace Parking’.