Have a Blast at the Rock Star Beer Festival

Rock Star Beer Festival

Rock Star Beer Festival

The Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego is going to be taken over by the Rock Star Beer Festival on October 5th from 7pm – 10pm. VIP guests will be able to get into the festival an hour early with first crack at some of the most popular breweries and a special VIP section available only to those who have purchased the VIP passes. There will be a stage set up for musical performances from 5 local artists who will be performing right up until it is time to turn off the flow of beer and call it a night.

Rocking the Night Away

The Hard Rock Hotel is the perfect venue to hold a rock themed beer festival. Attendees can enjoy listening to some great music while enjoying some great beers. It really does not get any better than that. Seeing as most rock concerts serve nothing but the most common beer available, it is nice to finally attend a festival in which you get to listen to some noteworthy music while drinking some of the best beers that the nation’s best breweries have to offer. If only every concert were like this!

Sampling Something New

The Rock Star Beer Festival is time to break out of your beer shell and try something new. There is an impressive roster of breweries handing out samples of their delicious brews. Regardless of what kind of beer you normally drink, this is your chance to break out of your shell and try something completely different. Whether you try something fruity or something dark and heavy, you will enjoy the diversity of flavors available to you from these fine beer crafters. Your tasting cup can be filled as often as you like, but remember to drink responsibly if you plan to drive home.

Relax by the Pool

When you are not busy tasting all of the different beers from around the nation, you can enjoy relaxing by the pool. Since the Rock Star Beer Festival is taking place on the pool roof of the Hard Rock Hotel, you may want to bring your bathing suit. Whether you decide to jump in the water or not, some people are going to want to get wet, and you may get wet just by standing next to them. Pool chairs and lounge chairs are going to be at a premium, so the water may be the best option.

Getting There and Enjoying Yourself

When you arrive, Ace Parking Events will be ready to park your vehicle and keep it safe until you are ready to leave. You will not have to worry about how your vehicle is being cared for, because the professional attendants care for your vehicle as much as you do. When you are finished tasting all of the delicious beers and listening to some great music, we will have your car ready for you. If you feel you may have sampled too much, we are more than happy to call a cab for you as well. It is all a part of the service we offer our guests, because we care.