Rich Dad Symposium

Rich Dad SymposiumWhether you are a full time worker or are between jobs, Rich Dad Education seeks to arm you with all the necessary tools to begin your journey towards financial success.

What Is It?

All year round, across the United States, Robert Kiyosaki hosts conferences and workshops geared ate helping people to become fiscally independent and worry free.  The symposium focuses on the core teachings of his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” His dream was to allow people to earn money through investments in real estate and starting your own business or businesses.  He focuses on teaching attendees through a series of parables and life lessons that he has experienced to help everyone step outside the box and become masters of their own destinies.

The Elite Training Symposium

The event to be held at the beautiful Marriot Mission Valley hotel will run from January 24th to the 26th.  An Elite Training Team that guides all attendees towards unlocking their true potential leads Rich Dad Education’s symposium in San Diego.

The coaches of the Elite Training Team were handpicked because of their extraordinary talents in their respective fields of expertise.   If you are attending the event and are unsure of what courses to sign up for, the team will help assess your strengths and weaknesses to select the courses that best fit into your lifestyle and desires.


A few of the courses that will be available throughout the symposium include:


2)      Lease Options

3)      Marketing Today

4)      Mobile Homes

5)      Residential Property Rehab

6)      Tax and Asset Protection

The End Result

After attending the Elite Training symposium, you will be equipped with the skills and talent to increase, hone, and maximise your cash flow generating skills.  You will be armed with the knowledge that will allow you change the way you think and develop a Rich Mindset.”

Remember that when attending this life-changing event, parking will be provided by none other than San Diego’s own Ace Parking.