Keith B. Jones, Managing Principal & Partner

Keith B. Jones is the grandson of the founder, Evan V. Jones as well as the Managing Principal and Partner at Ace Parking. Having grown up around the leaders in the parking industry, Keith has learned everything needed to be a leader in this tough market. His current role is very important to the massive company with more than 450 locations in cities coast to coast and he embraces everything the company stands for.

A graduate of New York University, Keith earned a B.A. in philosophy with a minor in business. The majority of his knowledge about how to run the family business was attained through the family at the dinner table as well as while working at Ace Parking. Currently, Keith lives in La Jolla, California with his wife Megan.

Over the years, Keith has done everything from working as a mystery shopper for his own company to training new ticket booth operators. It is because of his approachability that Keith understands the business from top to bottom. From the executives in the board room to the lot attendants, Keith is aware of what is going on in the company. It is part of how he makes sure Ace Parking Sticks to the mottos of “Every Thank You Earned”.